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We chose nature as an educational environment, as man was created to learn through nature, because that is where the purest and most vivid thought is born, in which the child thinks figuratively, experiences the joy and pleasure that the acquisition of knowledge offers.

Above all, however, he perceives himself within a story, in the circle of life, where the environment and man are inextricably linked and this understanding ensures the maintenance of the balance and harmony necessary for the continuation of everyone's life. He thus develops life values necessary for his spiritual development.

We have created an educational framework where the child will be able to understand who he is and why he was born, to find his mission, to feel safe in the fluidity of the 21st century, so that he can create his personal history, since man ever since he was in the caves, he thinks in stories and through them he makes his personal myth. Experiencing this will create a narrative that will co-animate the society around it.

We choose the teacher who was born to be a teacher and acts as a mentor

We believe that in order to educate the child, we must educate the parent, as no one is born a parent and needs to learn, to understand his role in the life of his child. We support with actions the networks that develop between parents creating a community, because our position is that it takes a village around a child to grow up properly.


Why is early childhood education so important and what are we doing about it?

What a person learns up to the age of 5 is what defines his life, so by taking over his education we take on the great responsibility of teaching him the art of life.. To know himself, to learn to think, to investigate, to wonder about things, to take risks, to make decisions, to live harmoniously with himself and others around him.

And this can only happen within a pedagogical framework of natural environment and community, as man is physically and mentally “built” to learn from nature and from the society around him. Today, perhaps more than ever, it is important and necessary for the child to be placed in school from an early age, because growing up in close nuclear family environments and in an urban landscape, he is deprived of the opportunity to develop skills important for his life.

School is a necessity, preschool education is a necessity.

Understanding this great need and having the scientific knowledge and experience of many years in preschool education, we chose the place and the way that suits the children and us.

In nature and within 7 sq.m., we created a school, a building with large and bright spaces, that “see” Olympus and the sea, to spread the feeling of freedom and a large yard with vegetable gardens, spaces for animals and birds, fairy houses and tree houses, flying foxes and playgrounds and we chose actions, which support learning rather than teaching, so that children can investigate and discover knowledge through authentic life situations.

At this age when the child shapes his personal learning style, we give him opportunities to access knowledge, in the way he understands, thus applying differentiated learning based on the theory of multiple intelligences and building metacognitive skills, very important for life, as the child recognizes the way he learns and becomes aware of what he knows and what he wants to learn. So he can connect his knowledge to life, can solve his problems or serve the goals he sets.

We prepare our students for the New Age, where very often ideas, values ​​and beliefs, which for centuries seemed unshakable, are being revised. Having no idea what the world will be like in 2050, with all this development of biotechnology and machine learning, with artificial intelligence taking control of human life, we are securing our children with necessary skills so that man can remain human.

By training them in critical thinking, analysis and synthesis, communication, cooperation, creativity, self-confidence, risk-taking, flexibility and adaptability and using specific strategies, we aim for them to be able to maintain mental and emotional balance in unusual situations, understanding how to understand the rhythm of the world they live in, it is not enough to invent new ideas, but they will have to constantly invent themselves, as the meaning of being human will constantly change.

Our goal is to educate people in vision, so that when they grow up they don’t stop dreaming and believe that they can add their history to the history of the world by recognizing that we are born creators and not simple consumers of ideas, thoughts and material things.

And that’s what we do!! We don’t stop dreaming and creating!!