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The meaning of the word education is not to "put in'' but to "pull out''. True education is about bringing out of the student what is already there.

The Master knows that this is already there and therefore need not put it there. The Master is simply trying to get the student to notice, to note, that it is there.
Teaching is not about helping others learn, but about helping them remember.
Neale Donald Walsch


Development of programs that follow the nature of children and gives them the possibility through experiential experiences to understand their thoughts, their needs, their feelings, their perceptions of the world around them. To be aware of themselves and the context around them, so that they realize what they are living each time and what they choose to do.


Development of programs that train children in skills related to the personality characteristics of each person and which are necessary to succeed in their personal, social and professional life (soft skills - life skills).


We provide high quality education to all children through pedagogical approaches, such as Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, which take into account the peculiarities and needs of each child and which perceives the student as a person, with a distinct cultural background, with his own experiences, with his personal learning style with his own world view on life.

Our programs

Project method




L.A.R.P.(Live Action Role Play)

Autonomy - Routines

Education in life values

Problem Based Learning



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The school of nature for us is not a simple school that takes care of and gives knowledge to children. It is not a classic private school that focuses on informing parents what will happen at 09:00, what at 09:15 and what at 09:30, it is a more free school. For us, the nature school is the 'place' that gives space, time, love, care and stimulation to our whole family. It is a very nice feeling to leave your child in the morning and feel gratitude for being in such a nice environment, for the good morning you will say there, for what this school will 'motivate' you to eliminate fears you as a parent, because it will fill your child with self-awareness and make him 'able' to do what he wants. This school contributes significantly to the quality of our daily life as a family and we thank you very much School of Nature for that!''
Drosoula & Kostas Sotiriou



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    We designed a place that children deserve...
    because the beautiful memories of childhood are the most lasting, the most accurate, which in many places shape a person, give him strength in difficult moments of his life and make him better and more human. Because we believe that the successful person of the future will be the one who has the ability to act autonomously, creatively, flexibly, utilizing all aspects of his personality.