Big Bang Summer School has come to change our summers

The Big Bang School and Nature School summer camp is a fact. Summer is approaching and we have prepared a program entirely in nature for the children, which comes to meet their needs, which now due to the pandemic and confinement have become even greater.

The needs for action, for play, for exploration, for communication. Living in the forest next to the school, where we have set up an outdoor classroom for out door activities, the children will have the opportunity to experience the freedom that nature gives, to get to know the “world” that lives in the forest, the rules that govern its operation, to understand concepts such as change, evolution, interaction. They will run, climb, carve, pick vegetables from the garden, cook, bake bread, collaborate, network.

They will learn about self-sufficiency and how it is achieved, they will connect with their food by understanding where it comes from and how it is produced, and they will cultivate the value of respect towards nature, which is our great home. They will be introduced to the importance of deep breathing, silence in the forest, to the values ​​of the Deep education. They will connect with themselves and with everything around them. They will cultivate imagination through stories and myths about nature’s creatures and solve riddles and mysteries, which develop creative intelligence. And all this will become art!

The program is based on the Big Bang School and Nature School philosophy.


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