Man is the only being that trains deeply!!!

Educating a child means that he can acquire as a person new knowledge, new information in addition to that which has been inherited and which his species already possesses. (Kostas Foteinos)
And that is why we strive so hard and which has to do with the many and different experiences for children, as we recognize that the child only learns experientially.” As biologists say, the repetition of important experiences forms progressively an internal structure of neurons,… which is “stored” in the frontal lobes – the purely human brain, which has the possibility of reasoning perception – and which give us this miraculous power of learning. They allow us to learn.”
That is, the children who “build” a richer and stronger mind are those who experience different contexts, who come into contact with other cultures, who have experiences of many people working or producing work, who participate in something real that has an effect, etc.
For all this we carry out activities such as building with mud and many others, so that children can live these different experiences. And it is much more meaningful and interesting for them, when the parents are also involved. It gives them even greater meaning and significance.
Seeing them fill the buckets with sand, make mud, cut reeds, build, you feel that you are offering them a meaningful activity, an activity in line with the theory of all the great educators (Frenet, Sukhomlinsky, Steiner, Montessori, etc.), who argued that school should be connected to life.
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