For parents

For parents

Parents for the School of Nature are considered the third partners in the educational process together with the child and the teacher, as they are the important actors of their children’s education. And since a parent is not born, but made, the school comes to support this role with education.
We take the parent as a person, before the role of the parent, who has dreams, feelings, personal goals and through the processes in which he participates he comes face to face with all of these, so that he understands that he is teaching his child with himself. To understand that children learn and are educated experientially through what they see and live and not through what they hear.
Our many years of experience in parent training have shown that the parents who have changed are the ones who connected with the child they once were. Who played, who connected with other parents through the various actions of the school.

Trainings that are carried out systematically and include workshops related to the personal development of the parent, such as art therapy, Deep Education workshops, parenting schools, drama therapy, games, animation seminars with renowned partners, experts in their field.


Trips one-day or multi-day with children or without children in various destinations, where there are activities in nature, self-awareness workshops, entertainment and where parents, through joy, discovery, relaxation, connect with themselves and network with each other.


Activities inside and outside the school that include area cleanups, charity actions, natural building workshops, extreme walks in nature, participation in the activities of the Wheeling2Help organization and missions to Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya aimed at supporting communities there.