Big Bang Academy

Big Bang Academy

The Big Bang Academy is back with a unique 32-hour training and brainstorming experience! True to the quality of content, we have invited for you people who have created sections in their field. Once again we are looking for the tools that will help the Dream Team of teachers to more effectively prepare a new generation of creators of the future! Nature meets technology and creativity! A two-day event dedicated to Education that no one should miss!




April 17: Rea Boumtzidou – Critical reflection: Self-development tool for teachers.

April 18: Chrissi Pyrunaki – Pedagogical Language OO: Harmonization & balancing codes, philosophical myths, discipleship, metacognition, self-awareness.

April 18: Chrissi Pyrunaki – Tables of Contents and Reflection Calendar.

May 8: Maria Tsarouha – Shaping the New Thought of Man in the 21st century through Perceptual Acting and Directing Theory and Method.

May 8: Chrissi Pyrunaki – Pedagogical tools for personal development: the community, the child as a person, the teacher-animator. The whole and the beautiful, pedagogical aesthetics and self-esteem, experiential indicators and creativity.

May 9: Maria Tsarouha – Framing existence. The golden triangles of superconscious man.

May 9: Chrissi Pyrunaki – Comparative analysis of APS – DEPPS & Intersubjectivity (Part A).

May 22: Maria Tsarouha – Issues of identity and the paradox of the sixth sense. Language and thought, the inner map of man.

May 22: Chrissi Pyrunaki – Pedagogical Applications OO: Didactic Models, the teacher-animator, horizontal learning, OO classroom architecture, pedagogical materialism, multimedia, flows and the role of parents.

May 23: Maria Tsarouha – Redefinition of value system and beliefs. The vibration of love.

May 23: Chrysi Pyrunaki – Comparative analysis of APS – DEPPS & Intersubjectivity (part B)

June 12: Chrissi Pyrunaki – Documentation of innovation: Equipment, pedagogical landscapes, group empowerment, pedagogical material, awareness and pedagogical momentum.

June 12: Rhea Boumtzidou – Education Tools in Multilingualism and Interculturality.

June 13: Veta Georgiadou – Angelos Patsias – Philosophy of the Big Bang.




Dr. Argyro Moumtzidou – Specialist in multilingualism and the contact of cultures.

Maria Olon Tsaroucha – Actor Director Educator Researcher Author Futurist, Founder of Perceptual Acting and Directing Theory and Method

Chrissi Pyrunaki – Educator, Action Researcher

Angelos Patsias – Educator, Author, Director of Big Bang School, Co-Founder of Big Bang Education

Elisavet Georgiadou – Educator, Founder of School of Nature, co-founder of Big Bang Education


What you will receive:

32 hours of experiential training


Certificate of participation



More specifically, the meetings will take place at Big Bang in 4 Weekend of 8 hours. In the event that the lessons cannot be held in real life, then they will take place at the same times and will start through the zoom platform.




250 euros


Registration information: 231 700 7010 /